Posted by: Sue Spencer | May 27, 2008

From my perch at the library

It was a long drive to the Cape, with stops along the way, but I arrived at my father’s house at quarter past eleven, a week ago Monday. Since then, I’ve been settling in – unpacking, finding stores, getting a new driver’s license, that sort of thing.

Most important for this blog, I’ve discovered that the very nice local library has free WiFi. Dad’s dial-up is serviceable for e-mail, but too agonizingly slow for much else. So here I sit, in a nice perch on the library’s mezzanine, at a corner table with a pleasant view. Thus far, it’s been available each time I’ve come; we’ll see how it holds up during the summer months when the Cape is a bit more crowded. For now, it feels like the perfect place to sit and reflect on what it means to re-enter what some people (not I, though) have called “the real world.”


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