Posted by: Sue Spencer | May 19, 2008

Going Home

The last two months have been something of a whirlwind, what with leaving the Community, entering the ministerial search process, and traveling.

I left Melrose at the beginning of May, visited the City Sisters for a few days, and then went out west for a week. Visited some old, good friends in Albuquerque, and then helped the congregation I had served in Salt Lake City celebrate its 25th anniversary. The trip was wonderful, and the Salt Lake celebration was a great way to mark my re-entry into parish ministry.

I’ve spent the last week visiting my sister Mary in the Poconos. Today I drive to my father’s house on Cape Cod, which will be home base until early August. I have an interim ministry position lined up for fall, which I’m very excited about! It will be great to be back in the parish again – after a good summer’s rest.

I do intend to keep this blog going – eventually under a different heading, no doubt. But I’ll have time to sort that out over the summer – once I find myself a good WiFi connection!



  1. Welcome back to Massachusetts–I hope to see you on the Cape in June and in Boston whenever you’re available. I’ve learned so much about discernment from this blog, and retrospectively, about my own journey.

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