Posted by: Sue Spencer | February 19, 2008

Buzz is gone

When Sr. CB and I returned from Trinity Institute in January, the first news we heard was that Buzz had disappeared. He had gone out late one afternoon, as was his wont, but hadn’t returned at his usual time to demand supper. Those left on the farm looked for him everywhere, for several days, but found no signs of him alive or dead.

For a while, we held out hope that he’d been trapped in someone’s garage or barn, but four weeks later he still hasn’t shown up. We may yet be joyfully surprised, but we suspect that Buzz Lightyear, the Great Vole Hunter, has himself become prey – perhaps to coyotes, or maybe a great horned owl. It’s the kind of thing one learns to expect with cats who insist on going outdoors, as Buzz did. But of course we’re still sad.

I had a very soft spot in my heart for Buzz, who despite his strong feral streak was extremely affectionate. He also looked a lot like Theo, the black cat I gave up when I came to community. He liked to sleep in the Novitiate, on the third floor, curled up on someone’s bed. When I saw him like that, it always gave me the feeling that all was well.

Sr. Catherine Grace has written a great blog about Buzz. I’ll just share some photos. Here he is in some characteristic postures: (1) wanting to come in (not long afterward, of course, he’d be wanting to go out again), (2) in watchful alertness, and (3) sniffing the plants to see if there’s anything he wants to eat.

So long, Buzz, old buddy. I’ll be missing you!


img_2681.jpgBuzz in the leavesimg_2799.jpg



  1. Poor Buzz! You must miss him terribly. His pictures remind me of our dear old Flash, who died on a farm track 15 years ago. We still miss him most days – despite our 2 lovely present-day cats.


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